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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on () uses sample from Movie poster (, ):

"My God, boy, what have you done? Why... why? You mean they were messin' with your pigs? Jesus Christ, boy, you can't just slaughter people 'cause they were messin' with your hogs! Now we're in a heap of trouble. Ah, shit... I buy you a new drum-bunker cleaver for your birthday, and this is how you repay me? Sometimes you really piss me off. At least you made good, clean cuts."

Movie poster

2) Album artwork by on () uses sample from Movie poster (, ):

Where's Murdock? I saw his car out front.
He's down in the coolers.
You remember Buddy?
Buddy's a good boy.
But he has what you might call, basic hygiene problems.
Well let's, uh, get down to business.
Where's Murdock?
Well let's just say he's, indisposed.
What the hell's goin' on here?
Don't play with me, Bacon!
Let me go, fat boy!
This isn't funny, Bacon.
Are you crazy?
Whatever you think I've done, I'm sorry.
What do you think, Buddy?
Does he really mean it?
Buddy doesn't really think you're sorry!