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What is MSiMDb?

MSiMDb stands for "Media Samples in Music Database". The goal is to create an index of songs that use other medias in them.
Although it is intended to be broad in meaning, it's not about songs sampling another one, but about songs that use a sample.
For instance:

- Eminem's Sing for the moment samples Aerosmith' Dream On. It has nothing to do here.
- Illdisposed's Not a vision - 1991 uses a sample from the movie From Dusk til Dawn. You can actually hear a sample from the movie in the song. That's what we're looking for.

So, it is only for Death Metal artists? No! Yours truly being a metalhead results in a lot of metal in the database, but every genre is welcome. Anyone can add anything to the database, witout the hassle of having to create an account or giving out private info.

Who gives a shit, why would you do that? If artists do that there is a reason. First of all, it can be pretty bad ass. Secondly, it gives context and can enlighten the meaning of the song. I love music and I love movies, so I also love the concept of including one in the other. With the database, you can discover new movies or new music and broaden your culture and knowledge. Ain't that nice?

How to use?

You can search for anything or for a specific song, artist, movie, what-have-you. If you haven't searched for anything, 10 entries will be displayed randomly. You can refresh the page to get 10 other random entries. Have fun.
If you're feeling a bit crazy and want to see the whole database, just click "search". Boom, everything appears. As when you make a research, the entries will be sorted by year the album came out.

- If you click on the album artwork, a new tab will open on YouTube so you can listen to the song.
- If you click on the movie poster, a new tab will open on The Movie Database so you can learn more about the movie.
- If you click on the song name, you will get that song's unique URL. You can use it to share it for instance.
- If you click on the album, artist or movie, it will display all entries relating to what you clicked.
- There is also a page with some stats on it that are updated in real time and that your are redirected to after adding content to the database.

To add something to the database, please input as much info as you can.


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