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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Tobe Hooper, ):

On the afternoon of August 18th, 1973, five young people in a Volkswagen van ran out of gas on a farm road in South Texas. Four of them were never seen again. The next morning the one survivor, Sally Hardesty-Enright, was picked up on a roadside. Blood-caked and screaming murder. Sally said she had broken out of a window in Hell. The girl babbled a mad tale: a cannibal family in an isolated farmhouse… chain-sawed fingers and bones… her brother, her friends hacked up for barbecue… chairs made out of human skeletons… Then she sank into catatonia. Texas lawmen mounted a month-long manhunt, but could not locate the macabre farmhouse. They could find no killers and no victims. No facts; no crime. Officially, on the records, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre never happened. But during the last 13 years, over and over again reports of bizarre, grisly chainsaw mass-murders have persisted all across the state of Texas. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has not stopped. It haunts Texas. It seems to have no end.

Movie poster

2) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (David E. Durston, ):

Men may become animals and eat their victims I drink your blood and eat your skin. A young man infects a whole city with rabids and turns a group of men into a band of bloodthirsty zombies ravaging [...]. I drink your blood and eat your skin.

Movie poster

3) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Rick Roessler, ):

Where's Murdock? I saw his car out front.
He's down in the coolers.
You remember Buddy?
Buddy's a good boy.
But he has what you might call, basic hygiene problems.
Well let's, uh, get down to business.
Where's Murdock?
Well let's just say he's, indisposed.
What the hell's goin' on here?
Don't play with me, Bacon!
Let me go, fat boy!
This isn't funny, Bacon.
Are you crazy?
Whatever you think I've done, I'm sorry.
What do you think, Buddy?
Does he really mean it?
Buddy doesn't really think you're sorry!

Movie poster

4) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Fred Walton, ):

You don't know who I am, or- or where I live, and
Dr. Mandrakis will take me home- or maybe even the police.
Call the Police
I wa- I wanna talk to you
Jill this is Sergeant. Sacker, listen to me, we traced the call its coming from inside the house. Our squad cars will be over there right now, just get out of that house. Jill? Jill!

Movie poster

5) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (John McNaughton, ):

Yeah, I killed my momma
One night it was my 14th birthday, and she was drunk and, we had an argument. She hit me with a whiskey bottle, and I shot her. I shot her dead.
I thought you said you stabbed her.
Oh yeah, that's right, I- I stabbed her