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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Dubstep) uses sample from Movie poster (Discovery Channel, ):

Giant tropical centipedes share their territories with tarantulas
Despite its impressive length, it's a nimble navigator
And some can be highly venomous

As quick as lightning, just like the tarantula it's killing
The centipede has two curved hollow fangs
Which inject paralyzing venom

Even tarantulas aren't immune from an ambush
This centipede is a predator

Movie poster

2) Album artwork by on (, Dubstep) uses sample from Movie poster (Bruce Pittman, ):

Vicki Carpenter: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have done terrible things. I have hurt my friends. I have given into sexual desires with my boyfriend. I don't know what's happening to me.
Father Cooper: We all stray from the path of the Lord sometimes, child. But with penance, you will find your way again.
Vicki Carpenter: Will you help me Father?
Father Cooper: Of course, child.
Vicki Carpenter: Will you pray for me?
Father Cooper: Yes.
Vicki Carpenter: Will you fuck me?