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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Unknown, ):

The interviewer: “So your official diagnosis is schizophrenic psychosis, correct?
The patient: “For the time being, yes.”
The interviewer: “For the time being? How do you mean?”
The patient: “ illness does not really know... in any medical definition.(has a good yawn)Sorry!”
The interviewer: "Could you describe to us your...your illness and your symptoms?"
The patient: “Uhhh...I suffer from hallucinations. I see and feel and hear things that are not real.” (yells with laughter)
The interviewer: “ that funny?”
The patient: “No.”
The interviewer: “What kind of uh..medication are you getting?
The patient: “Drugs, anti-psychotic drugs.”
The interviewer: “And do they help?”